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Tray Table Cover


1 in 5 passengers get sick on every flight, and the primary reason behind that is the airplane tray table – potentially the grimiest place on an airplane, according to the Washington Post.

A 2015 study by Travel Math exposing airline hygiene found 2,155 CFU (colony forming units of bacteria) per square inch on an airplane tray table, compared to just 265 CFU/sq. on a toilet flush button in the airplane, proving that the tray tables are by far the dirtiest places on an airplane.


What’s more is that it was also highlighted by Time Magazinethat the tray tables had cold viruses, human parainfluenza viruses, norovirus (which can cause diarrhea and vomiting) and the superbug MRSA that causes skin infections.

This means that while traveling your health is at great risk due to the airplane tray tables – the one place that folds right onto your lap, that you constantly touch, and where your food rests.

You sure need to eliminate any direct contact with the airplane tray table. This is where the reusable Tray Table Covers comes in.

It saves you from those unseen harmful microbes, prioritizes your health and helps you develop good hygiene habits.


Here's what the tray table cover offers you:


Impeccable Features 

  • Stretchable and durable table cover for airline tray tables
  • Made from 100% polyester with flexible adjustable edges
  • Modern design and compact cover for easy storage


Fascinating Benefits

  • Super soft lightweight water and germ-resistant fabric
  • Easily washable by hand or in a machine with lukewarm water
  • Reusable tray table cover – a long term traveling partner


Colors: Red, Blue


Coverit Cover fabricated the durable and resilient Tray Table Cover for people who believe in cleanliness and hygiene. These covers completely cover the airplane tray table from all sides, making it 100% safe and secure.

It is recommended that you disinfect the table first using disinfecting wipes and then cover it. Wash the covers thoroughly before the next usage.

Redesign your airplane experience with these flawless and meticulously designed tray table covers. Buy individually or as a set and conveniently use it anywhere from TV dinner tables and nursing homes to airplanes.

Stay safe and healthy. Use premium quality airplane tray table covers.

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