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Airplane Seat Cover

Dark Navy

Tiny legroom and lost luggage aren’t the only problems of air travel. Your health is at great risk too. 

Whenever you are on your airplane seat, you are traveling with companions – microbes and microorganisms – that are not only invisible to the naked eye but also extremely hazardous for your health. 


A study conducted by Auburn University found that harmful and potentially deadly germs and bacteria such as MRSA and E. coli survive for up to 7-8 days on airplane seats, exposing you to great danger.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) conducted tests on several airplane flights and found that one of the dirtiest place on an airplane are the seat headrests, testing positive for Staphylococcus, E. coli, and Hemolytic bacteria. Seat pockets and belts with high numbers of aerobic bacteria, mold, coliforms, and E.coli were also proven to be heavily contaminated with pathogens. 

Protect yourself against deadly bacteria and viruses by using Airplane Seat Covers that offer a smarter and safer traveling experience.


Impeccable Features

  • Made from cotton sateen material to provide a smooth and cozy traveling experience
  • Universal fit airplane seat covers that are easy to slip on and remove
  • Convenient to store in a hand-carry during traveling


Fascinating Benefits

  • Reusable and eco-friendly seat covers offering complete protection
  • Lightweight and soft seat covers
  • Instantly cleanse using a damp piece of cloth; 100% machine washable


Colors: Navy, Dark Navy, Red, Charcoal


The Airplane Seat Cover by CoverIt Covers is fabricated with great attention to details, using premium quality materials. It completely covers the front and back of the airplane seats.

The Airplane Seat Covers can also be conveniently used for train seats, buses, RV seats, theatre and hospital waiting area seats. Purchase individually or as a set.

Get yourself reusable Airplane Seat Covers that can protect you from the deadly bacteria and viruses everywhere, every time. Travel germ-free and stress-free.

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